Open Edition Print, unframed

Individually signed

Image size: 18 3/8" x 25", paper size: 24" x 31"

"Tern, Tern, Tern" Fine Art Giclee Print

  • Elegant terns nest in a very resricted area in southern California and the Gulf of California.  Up until very recently, 90-95 % of the entire population of Elegant Terns nested on one island, called Isla Rasa. When the offspring reach a certain age, their parents fly north with them to find more plentiful food resources.  Often, many arrive in the Monterey Bay, including Moss Landing, in mid to late summer.  Initially, the parents are kept busy feeding their youngsters.  Eventually, their young learn to fish for themselves.  The terns fly over the surface of the water until they spot a fish and dive into the water to catch it.  Where fish are plentiful, there can be large gatherings of juvenile and adult terns taking advantage of the good fishing.

    This painting is unframed.